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No one has their finger on the marketing pulse quite like we do.

We’re hearing that it’s getting harder for our customers to differentiate their offering from the competition. It’s becoming harder for them to win and retain business. And buying decisions have become a long, drawn-out process.

But it’s not easy for your clients either. Most are suffering from an increasingly bloated decision-making process.

There’s now an average of 6.8 people involved in every decision. The continued fragmentation of the marketing landscape is leading to a form of decision paralysis. Currently, 86% of decision-makers have difficulty seeing any discernible difference between suppliers. So, making change is tougher than ever.

With an ever-increasing pressure to perform, many clients find it easier to stick to what they know rather than take a risk on something unfamiliar.

So, the job is no longer to simply demonstrate that you’re better than the competition.

The traditional marketing funnel won’t help much here. We believe you need to adopt a new marketing funnel if you want to win in today’s B2B landscape.

The steps in this new funnel are:

Change – show why sticking with the status quo is riskier than change

Choose – make sure you are chosen as the solution to help them make that change

Champion – arm your champions to sell on to their business on your behalf

This is how we do it

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