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Whether you’re a large network or a blogger with a loyal following, we’re always looking to partner with people who share our company values of making beauty discovery easy and fun. If you’re interested, our Affiliate Program is a great way to work together. It’s free to join and you’ll be compensated when your audience shops your recommendations from our product catalog on Amor Umbrella. If you’re approved as an eligible partner, someone from our team will reach out so we can start working together as soon as possible.

Interested? Sign up to become our affiliate and earn rewards by sharing 15% Commission! We can’t wait to meet you! LOL (Lots of Love)

Why Refer?

  • As our community of members expands, so does the value of our collaborative network. New voices, new ideas, new case studies. When the platform grows, everyone benefits from it.
  • AMOR umbrella utilizes the funds generated from our customers’ success to add new features and solutions to help everyone build a better  business. The membership you initially paid for only gets better and better.
  • Veterans usually need as much help as possible, so it should feel good to help another veteran take control of their  career, get them on the right track, and save them from years of unnecessarily struggling or starving.
  • You will be compensated handsomely for doing so!  

How It Works

How do we know you referred them? They either mention you by name when they initially request a demonstration, or they click on a special referral link that we provide you with, that leads them to the Amor umbrella website. Each link contains a unique tracking code that is specific to you. You are free to use these links however you want – post one in a forum, reply to a forum comment and post the link in it, send it out in an email blast to a group of artists or photographers, or just email it to a friend. If someone has never submitted a demo request with us before (we have a permanent record of this date), and they click on any of your affiliate links OR they specifically mention that you referred them at the time of the demo request – then they will be tracked in our system as an affiliate referral from you. They’ll get a free month added to the end of their AU plan for taking advantage of your referral code, and you’ll get the referral bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s answers to the most popular questions we receive about our Referral Program.

In order for you to earn a referral, you have to be the one who originally generated the lead for Art Storefronts.  This is determined in one of two ways.  First, the person must have clicked on your referral link before anybody else’s referral link (we track them once they click your link) and subsequently submit a demo request.  Second, at the time of the person’s first demo request and first phone call (both dates are recorded in our database) with an AU representative, they specifically mention that you made the first introduction of Art Storefronts to them.

For example, if you refer a friend or someone who has never heard of AMOR umbrella and has never requested a demo before, this is considered a “referral” event.

It is a referral event because AMOR umbrella did not pay advertising to earn that lead, and it came in 100% because of your relationship with that person. Usually, this would be a friend or someone you already know, or maybe someone following you on social media who clicked on a referral link.

If you talk to someone who already previously knew about Amor umbrella, who found you because you are a customer, listed in our testimonials, or some other reason, or you just met them randomly — this is not considered a “referral” event.

The reason we have to draw a line here is because usually, somebody else either already referred this person, or they came in as a result of our paid marketing efforts which does not meet the definition of a referral (we track all leads generated by our paid marketing efforts)

But…what about people contact me regularly to get my opinion of Art Storefronts?

Sometimes, people who already know about Art Storefronts and who do not meet our definition of a “referral” happen to find you because of a testimonial you provided on our website or for some other reason.  For the purpose of giving this situation a definition, we call this an “assist”.  

As “assist” means you are not responsible for originally generating the lead and/or do not meet our definition of a “referral” as mentioned above, but you helped the person learn more about Art Storefronts in some way.  This happens on a daily basis and we greatly appreciate all the ways in which our community members are supporting us and working alongside us to make this a better and more fruitful ecosystem for everyone.

If you find that you are getting a decent amount of these every month, here’s what you need to do:   Make sure to tell the people to mention your name as someone they spoke to, as someone who helped them along.  If the person mentions your name,  we will track these as “assists” in our database.  You do not need to provide them with a referral link in these situations, because they are not relevant.  

After enough time, if we find that you generate enough “assists”, we will consider adding you into our brand ambassador program, which is very limited and has different perks.

We highly recommended sending your referrals to the same AMOR umbrella representative that you originally worked with when you signed up with AMOR umbrella.   This way, you can always send them an email to give them a heads up when you are referring someone.  Or, you can copy them on email to a friend where you might want to introduce them to each other.

Otherwise, you don’t need to send them to anyone specifically.  Our team members will always try to ask new folks how they heard about AAMOR umbrella, so its likely that the person will be given the opportunity to mention your name!

We process referral bonuses once a month. Expect to receive your credit by the 16th (or next business day) of the month following the referral. 

No, the more people you refer, the more you’ll make! 

You can absolutely use either method.  

However, if you want to be extra careful and give yourself the best chance of earning the referral, it is best to do both whenever possible.  Keep in mind that telling a person to mention your name is most important, because while technology and tracking can sometimes fail, this method of communication will not.  

Just make sure you always tell them that they need to mention your name at the time they request a demo (the very first time), because this is required for you to get credit.

Yes.  Please note that compensation amounts are updated at the discretion of Amor umbrella. Amor umbrella may terminate or change this program at any time without notice.

All terms of service for Amor umbrella remain in effect and are not affected by this program in any way whatsoever.

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