Giving Back Scholarship 2021


We are happy to announce our new Amor Umbrella Scholarship.

2021 Amor Umbrella Scholarship would benefit the winners of the MDC Art and Written Contest that is a MDC student.

  • 2 Award Scholarships in the amount of $250 each paid directly to the school the winner is enrolled in.
    2 honorable mention prize.

    Deadline is December 15th, 2021

    • 2021 Amor Umbrella Scholarship


1. Enrolled in a high education program
2. Be a legal resident
3. Student GPA 2.0 or higher

4. Be a current MDC student

5. Design on one of the provided Amor Umbrellas for the purpose of the competition

      1. Students MUST send a visual recording of them working in the art work.
      2. Students MUST send a certificate of authenticity with the art
      3. Students MUST send a media release authorization
      4. All entries will be considered for Exhibition.

6. AND/OR write a poem / short story that includes 3 of the following choice of words: Amor or Love, Umbrella or Parasol, Travel or Vacation.

      1. Students MUST send a recording, either visual or audio, of them reading the written work.
      2. Written work must be an original work
      3. Students MUST send a media release authorization
      4. All entries will be considered for publication.
      5. Entries must be typed in a no less than 12 point font, and paginated (single spaced)
      6. WRITTEN SHORT STORIES OR POEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please do not send us your only copy. 


Ventures C & A, LLC reserves the right to choose the scholarship winner. Scholarship will be awarded to the recipient in the form of payment directly to the scholarship winner's educational institution and/or program. All applicants will be added to the Ventures C & A, LLC email newsletter list to be updated of scholarship announcements.  Ventures C & A, LLC is part of an ecosystem composed of DBA Amor Umbrella of DBA , Vet Delivers, House 4 VETS & Founders Time.

How to Apply:

    Fill this application
    Gather and submit all requested documents.
    Prepare and submit essay addressing the question above
    Submit this application and all additional requested documents to: 
    Ventures C & A, LLC
    Po Box 970326
    Miami, FL 33197 
    Need a minute to gather required information.

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