We are visiting Wyoming

We are taking a road trip across the USA!!!

One of the states that we will be visiting is Wyoming, where the the Wild West comes alive...  


We want to explore the red-walled gorges, the hot springs, historic prairie towns, pioneer museums, the rugged landscapes, the  rodeos, ranches, cowboy towns and stop to see the historical attractions of Wyoming's capital, Cheyenne.

We are going to be sorry to miss the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, a 10 days of fun-filled rodeo festivities that is held in July  and considered one of the best in the country, instead we will be visiting the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.


 Of course we cannot visit the Wild West without stopping in Cody, a small frontier town, built by the famous showman William "Buffalo Bill" Cody in the late 19th century that is also a a gateway to Yellowstone to have an authentic western experience. 

Visiting the a rodeo is a must and not just any rodeo but the world-class Buffalo Bill Center of the West, to watch the reenactments, watch a authentic country music show and go see the wild mustangs, are just some of the experiences to have for that western experience before our next stop in Yellowstone.


Next we will continue our adventure to the main destination of this fascinating state.

Can you take a guess? ring, ring, you got it.

Yellowstone National Park, the first national park declared in the US, since March 1, 1872, and that was open to the public. Since then, millions of people visit it every year and we are going to be one of those millions of people. :)


Now, don't be fooled, while the vast majority of Yellowstone's territory is situated in Wyoming, it is bigger than just one state and part of it territory actually sits on Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone has over 2 million acres of land of ground to cover, so we are planning spending at least a couple of days visiting the main highlights. Most of the attractions will be located at grand loop road.

There are so may things we are looking forward to watch in our visit to Yellowstone from seeing the Old Faithful erupt and see the Upper Geyser Basin, in Mount Washburn, at the Yellowstone Lake.

We are planning to stop in the hot spring and potentially camp in it is grounds, if we are lucky enough to find a reservation open, like it can take month ahead to reserve. We can also look into making a reservation in one the hotels, cabin and resorts close by.


We want to watch the wild life while maintaining a safe distance following the park instructions.


We are looking forward to spot and encounter (from afar) the grizzles beers, the elks, the moose,  golden eagles, the wolves, the bison, the black bears and so much more.


Since Veterans Day 2020, US military veterans and Gold Star Family members were granted free access to the more than 2,000 federal recreation areas, that includes national parks, like Yellowstone.  

That perk along will save us the $35 entrance fee. The free access would also cover the traveling companions as long you are using a single, private non-commercial vehicle. Find detailed information here about this program. However, this program would not cover other available amenities and activities fees such as camping, tours or special recreation permits; reservation fees, etc


Next in our planned visit to Wyoming is Grand Teton National Park. Such a beautiful sight.


These mountains were formed millions of years ago and it has 12 peaks that reach heights of more than 12,000 feet. The highest of these peaks is Grand Teton that stands 13,770 feet above sea level.

Next we are considering visiting the Wind River Range, that is considered grizzly country, but you can also see moose, mountain lions, deer, elk, wolves, so many birds... It is also considered one of the best fly fishing destinations in Wyoming. We are also planning on visiting the Wind River Indian Reservation, where you can participate in a powwow, visit museums, or explore the area on a 70-kilometer scenic drive along the Wind River Indian Reservation Trail.


Next, we are considering stoping by to see Devils Tower National Monument that is said to rise more than 1,200 feet above Wyoming's eastern plains. 


We are looking forward to visit this fascinating destination. 

Stay tune while we update this blog with pictures and anecdotes of our trip in real time.

Niurka Castaneda

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