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Brand Champions

Amor Umbrella’s Brand Ambassador Program
Amor Umbrella’s Brand Ambassador Program is an Entrepreneurial Opportunity for our present and future fans and supporters to spread Amor Umbrella’s Mission within their communities while earning sales commissions!
We will be hiring in the near future for the Amor Umbrella’s Brand Ambassador Program position which is a remote, part-time sales role. Our Amor Umbrella’s Brand Ambassador Program is a great way for you to bring Amor Umbrella to the HEART of your community, expand Amor Umbrella’s Impact, and for us to give back to YOU.
Spread the word about Amor Umbrella in your community, family, base/campus, and social media networks.
Chase the Rain with your favorite Amor Umbrella
Be an active member of the Amor Umbrella Community
Be a supportive advocate for our Veterans
IMPACT: Pioneer environmental & social change to the HEART of your community.
COMMUNITY: Join the Amor Umbrella Community
REWARDS: As an Amor Umbrella’s Brand Ambassador, you get access to exclusive discounts and flash sales by achieving goals.
BE AN INSIDER: As an Amor Umbrella’s Brand Ambassador, you will be the first to hear of any exciting Amor Umbrella's update, new product, sale, promotion, or newsflash.
EARN MONEY: Start out earning commission on all sales you initiate of Amor Umbrella’s Brand Products
Amor Umbrella is a Startup, Veteran & Woman Owned, Social Impact Umbrellas Fashion Brand that is Veteran Owned and employ Veterans and their families.
We plan in incorporating repurposed Military Surplus and Recycled Umbrellas into our Alternative Products, and we will donate 2% of annual profits to Veterans and other Social Causes Non Profit Charitable Organizations.

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