Classic styles never chases trends. Bags are used day in and day out. They are durable, timeless and designed to carry you through the adventures of daily life.
Backpacks Your backpack says a lot about who you are, conveying your lifestyle through the chosen design - whether outdoorsy or just sporty, a hiker or a hobbyist, a city dweller or a rural explorer it's not a decision to be taken lightly. Choose a backpack that speaks to your passions and functions perfectly for your daily use. Not all backpacks are created equally. Do you need a briefcase but really prefer a sportier, trendier, younger vibe? Find the perfect hybrid carefully designed with the capability to safely transport laptops and tablets in their carrying cases, file folders, and phones, calculators, books, pens, and other office-on-the-go must-haves, on your back. 
 Accessory Bags

Duffel Bags 

What does your bag say about you? A good duffel bag is a must-have item for frequent travelers, commuters, gym goers, and students alike. When you need a high-quality duffle, lightweight yet durable designs in a range of eye-catching patterns,make sure you are choosing one that makes a statement so you can always travel in style. Handy pockets and compartments will keep your essentials organized, while fun, bright patterns will keep you smiling along the way. Our selection of fashion duffel bags offer functional quality and timeless designs that never go out of style. These bags say, "I'm not afraid to invest for the best quality." Classic styles from our most popular bag brands give you a unique look and unmatched longevity that ensures your bag will last for decades. For the young ones, our selection are cute, modern, fun and brightly colored. These duffel bags are great for kids who want a splash of color and an ergonomic bag that is unmistakable while traveling. Others give you a unique look and engineered features that set the product apart from the crowd. Super-sturdy fabrics and craftsmanship make these high quality duffel bags special. Every curated duffel bag in our collection is functional, well-made and ready to go wherever you dare to roam

Great for the everyday and for women on the go, the Tote, Shoppers or Satchel are usually the centerpiece bag of most women's lives, especially for those living in the city who don't have the luxury of keeping everything in their cars and need to carry a little extra with them on the tube or in a cab. Day to night, at work or on vacation — you need a tote bag that can keep up with your lifestyle. Choose from classic silhouettes to modern styles, all complete with perfectly placed pockets and functional details that keep you organized and ready to go at a moment's notice. 


Below is a visual representation of the different types of handbag models that are commonly available from most bag designers. Bag Types differ between designers and often overlap, for example, some use Totes for Shoppers, some use Clutch for Evening Bag, etc.