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Men’s Jewelry Essentials

The Modern Man’s Guide to Jewelry

Direct and uncomplicated men’s jewelry. Our new collection expresses an easy elegance, the result of unequaled craftsmanship and the finest materials.

I.D. Bracelet

I.D. bracelets originated as part of the serviceman’s uniform during WWII. Eventually, fashion borrowed the accessory, transforming it from a practical item to a prized sartorial object. Today, I.D. bracelets remain a meaningful canvas for modern personalization. They hold history and memories and only get better when marked by time. I.D. bracelets are crafted with attention to every detail: chain style, weight, metal finish and even the contour of the plate against your wrist. Engrave a monogram or special date for a modern heirloom in the making. The only rule: I.D. bracelets are classically worn on your dominant hand, opposite your watch hand, to create balance.

Men’s Rings

Historically, signet rings have displayed family crests and monograms, and doubled as a seal for correspondence. Men often wore them on the pinky or ring finger is traditional, today’s new rules say your signet ring belongs on any finger. From dignified signet rings to precisely crafted metal bands, men have worn rings to symbolize rites of passage, family history and personal memories for centuries. Today’s signet rings still act as a modern signature and are proudly passed between generations.  Amor Umbrella’s selection of modern rings are heirlooms in the making.