Donations – Uniform and Military Surplus



Join us in making a positive impact on the environment and honoring our military heroes with the Amor Umbrella Military Gear and Uniform Surplus Donation program. Together, we can recycle and repurpose uniforms and surplus materials, creating unique Special Limited Edition designs while reducing waste and benefiting veterans.

Here are five compelling reasons to participate in our program:

  1. Conservation of Natural Resources: By recycling uniforms, we contribute to the preservation of valuable resources, helping to protect our environment for future generations.
  2. Energy Conservation: Recycling saves energy that would otherwise be consumed in the production of new materials. Your donation plays a vital role in reducing energy consumption.
  3. Clean Air and Water: Recycling promotes cleaner air and water by minimizing pollution associated with the manufacturing process. Your contribution directly supports the improvement of our environment.
  4. Landfill Space Preservation: Every uniform donation saves valuable landfill space, reducing the strain on our waste management systems. Let’s work together to minimize the impact on our landfills.
  5. Economic Benefits and Job Creation: Recycling initiatives create employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth. By participating in our program, you contribute to both local communities and the broader economy.

By donating your military gear and surplus uniforms, you become part of the solution. These materials will be upcycled or recycled, preventing them from ending up in landfills.


You gather the military uniforms that you no longer want and send them to us with a pre-paid shipping label.

We sort the uniforms and cut out patterns with the help of one of our local veteran partners.

We send the cut surplus to our veteran-owned manufacturing facility in Florida, where the materials are sewn into pockets.

The finished Limited Edition Uniform Tote Bags are sold, and 10% of profits are donated to

Any remaining Military Gear and Uniform Surplus Donations will be given to Goodwill, where they will be repurposed into industrial wiping rags, soundproofing, insulation, and more. Please note that we cannot accept wet, mildewed, or hazardous materials, or items infested with moths or bed bugs.


We unfortunately are not able to offer free product to those who donate their old uniforms, however, as a thank you for your support we will be sending you a $20 OFF coupon!

No, we’ll cover the cost of shipping the donated uniforms!

Complete the above form and we will reach out with additional instructions and a pre-paid shipping label.

We will be sending you a $20 OFF coupon, as a thank you for your support. 

We are not able to guarantee that the Special Limited Edition Uniform Product you receive will be made with the uniforms that you donated, each design will embody the spirit of your generous contribution.

If you’d like to learn more about recycling clothes, shoes, and linens, check out these resources:

If you know of other local organizations working to prevent textile, military surplus and umbrellas waste, tell us about them


To participate, simply complete the form above, and we will contact you with additional instructions and a prepaid shipping label.

Amor Umbrella is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the above information to contact you regarding our Uniform Donation Program. You can learn more about the ways we collect and use data by visiting our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.