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Corporate partners make an immediate impact. Join as a partner today.

Throughout every stage of the military service journey, our organization is fortunate to receive the unwavering support of our sponsors and supporters. They provide invaluable assistance and inspiration to our military families, helping to bring hope and aid when it’s needed most.

At AMOR Umbrella, we offer various sponsorship packages designed to suit different levels of contribution. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, your generosity and dedication make a significant difference in our mission.

By becoming a corporate partner, you can make an immediate and tangible impact on the lives of military families. Join us in our mission to provide help and hope at every step of the military service journey.

Take action now and become a partner with AMOR Umbrella. Your support makes a difference.

Corporate partners make an immediate impact.
Become a partner today.

Our supporters provide help and hope to our military families at every step of the military service journey. 

We are always grateful to our supporters and sponsors. 

We have a few different sponsorship packages available.

When you partner with AMOR Umbrella, your business can experience 4 key ROI benefits:

  1. Cultivate a Positive Brand Image: By aligning with AMOR Umbrella and championing equality and fairness for military families, your business communicates its commitment to social responsibility, fostering a positive brand perception among customers.

  2. Expand Brand Visibility:Through our diverse media platforms—including shows, website, newsletters, and social media—we actively promote your sponsorship to our extensive audience. This increased visibility can attract new customers and elevate brand recognition.

  3. Reach a Diverse Audience: Partnering with AMOR Umbrella grants access to a broad demographic, including service members, veterans, family members, self-advocates, and support workers. This diverse reach ensures your message resonates with various segments of the population.

  4. Enhance Customer Experience: Supporting military families aligns with the values of the majority of consumers. Our Corporate Sponsorship packages offer numerous opportunities for engagement throughout the year, fostering meaningful interactions with our network. By participating in our events and marketing initiatives, sponsors can derive maximum value and gain insights to elevate their products and services to new heights. Join us in making a difference while advancing your business goals.


While a Corporate Sponsorship with AMOR umbrella provides many opportunities to expose your brand to our audiences, we also provide a few opportunities to meet face-to-face with the people we serve and our staff at our signature events. Registration to these events is available as a sponsorship benefit.

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