Amor Umbrella is going to be feature in Variety Television Network (VTN)

Do you know Amor Umbrella is going to be feature in Variety Television Network (VTN)?

More about the VTN Commerce Club directly copy from directly copied from the VTN website:

The VTN Commerce Club has made a name for itself as the only online marketplace that combines entertainment with shopping.

At VTN Commerce club we are dedicated to giving back and helping communities. We connect local businesses with dedicated shoppers by integrating excitement and entertainment with the satisfaction of improving lives and making the world a better place.

We help to raise awareness and revenue for families that have been affected by cancer, military veterans and the children of fallen heroes, to name just a few of our causes.

At VTN Commerce club we help you to turn your purchases into something that gives back to local communities and the lives that need it, all while having fun doing it.

Discover great deals and great brands while enjoying uplifting family entertainment.


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