It is coming!!! AUTV AMOR umbrella TV

Debuting Soon!

AMOR umbrella family is expanding.
We are happy to announce that AMOR umbrella TV (AUTV) is coming soon to a TV screen near you.
We are passionate about "The Entrepreneurial Journey".
We want to do our part to Inspire Entrepreneurship by telling stories from Entrepreneurs for Veteran Entrepreneurs that Informs, Educate, Elevate their Veteran Entrepreneurial Journey.
We want to tell stories that matter 🙂 that guide you and help you grow your idea into a viable business by connecting you with the tools and resources that you need to build a solid foundation.
Niurka Castaneda
Amor Umbrella Founder
AUTV & Founders Time Podcast Host
Our Digital TV show will be available on both Guiding Star Veteran TV and SheTV networks that can be streamed on the SimulTV app. SimulTV is available for download in both Apple and Android app stores, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku devices. Reaching 186 countries, an overall viewership of 200 million, and the potential for IMDb credits, makes it an amazing opportunity for any business!

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