Meet the Founder

Niurka Castaneda, the founder of AMOR Umbrella is a Mom, a Veteran of the US Army, a writer, a voracious reader, an enthusiastic traveler, a student, an entrepreneur and a logistician. Learn more about her.
I grew up in Cuba from a family of entrepreneurs and artists. Her grandfather was a poet, her parent’s Cuban entrepreneurs. They were very resourceful people and why she believes she is so enterprising and artistic. She feel the need to serve this great country. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging decisions she have ever made. The military offered her many new experiences and learned new skills like resilience, flexibility, self-motivation, determination, self-discipline, goal setting, risk tolerance and many more that serve her well even today. READ VOYAGE INTERVIEW and the VBOC spotlight

"I felt a need to create and find a new purpose in life as an entrepreneur, through trial and error, found that my story can also be used to empower and inform others.” - said Niurka, Amor Umbrella Founder.

Because she understands the difficulty of transitioning out the military as a female, she is able to talk through the steps, make a plan and offer resources in order to fulfill your passion as a veteran entrepreneur. She focuses on coaching others through the startup process of building their own dream business by helping then build the frameworks and system needed to build a solid foundation from the beginning.

We are here to meet the needs of the marketplace and create on-going, successful business with engaged users, clients and buyers who are committed to support certified Service Disabled, Veteran Owned, Small Businesses (SDVOSB).  To utilize her business administration skills, logistical expertise, perseverance and commitment to serve that was learned in the Army, and create jobs for other veterans which has been verified by the VA, SBA, DoD, and the State of FL and is registered with SAM, and DUNS. 

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