Gratitude Journal (FREE Worksheet)


Do you take the time to reflect in the many blessings in your life? 
Do you focus in the positive instead of the negatives things in your life?

Create a habit of capturing your gratitude, feelings, and dreams.

  • Write then down. It will help increase your Positivity.
  • Focus in the positive things in your life, and give less power to negative emotions. Be grateful for the negative outcomes you avoided, escaped, and/or prevented. Be grateful for the good thing in your life.

How do you start one?

  • Write down up to five things for which you feel grateful.
  • Be specific.
  • Go for depth.
  • Get personal.
  • Write regularly. 
Be inspired by our FREE Gratitude Journal. It will enable you to discover the power of gratitude, dreams, and positive thinking.
Use the prompts to evoke positive thoughts, be brave, be bold, and watch to see life’s wonders unfold and create a habit of expressing thankfulness and gratitude  every day.
Write down a happy memory.
Write about one of your best friends and why they are special to you.
Write about one of your favorite things that happened this week.
Write about your favorite thing about living in your town, your neighborhood or house?
The Gratitude Journal will help you heighten your appreciation for the simple wonders in life, for exciting life changes, and for the people around you. It will help attract and manifest what you truly want, and ultimately contribute to a life of awareness, love, and happiness.

The prompts are split into categories, and should be answered as honestly as possible.

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What’s Inside

Gratitude Categories Include:

  • Health
  • Family life
  • Work / studies
  • Nature
  • Self-improvement
  • Experiences
  • People
  • Possessions

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