AMOR Has Fallen in Love With A New Opportunity For You!

The Impact
With your support and our show broadcasted nation wide, and across the world, families will understand what is going on in the mind of their Soldier, which will in turn equip them with the understanding they need to effectively support their loved ones. And, our Veterans and Soldiers will learn that they are not alone in their mind, and the nation will prove to them that we do stand behind them!

What We Need 
Our initiative and our effort to represent our veteran population thru our Initiatives and Independent filmmaking requires creativity, hard work, perseverance, and no small amount of generosity. AMOR Umbrella is hoping to raise at least $50,000 (including fund the first fees) for our third gift initiative, in our efforts to represent militaries families.

Cultural/Advisory Board
This project is collaborative and community centered. We strive to make sure the communities depicted are respectfully represented.  We will be asking you, our funders, as well as community members to participate in the process as the pilot comes to life. We are are not only open to feedback from the community.  This project is centered around community feedback and participation.  Look for updates from us on the various ways you can be involved.

You Can and Will Make a Difference

No donation is too small! 

AMOR Umbrella will steal your heart come rain or shine.

Amor Umbrella currently services the growing market of veteran specialty accessories and apparel. This connection to the veteran community is so important that Amor Umbrella regularly hires contractual veterans and 10% of all proceeds are donated to veteran support.

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