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Be Inspired, Learn How To launch your business ideas , and remember to Have Fun! Listen on the go, subscribe for free  pastedGraphic.png Founders Time podcast is your on-the-go source of tips, tricks and tools for your startup. The podcast host, Niurka, brings on a number of influential guests from around the world to provide you with highly practical, valuable content. From inspirational stories to practical how-to’s, the podcast covers a range of topics in Entrepreneurship to aid the listener on their own entrepreneurial journey to worshiping better and developing a solid foundation for their business. Many a time we are told what to do or not to do, but not many people give us the HOW. In this podcast show, we aim to provide practical, actionable tips on HOW to build on our ideas better. You’re sure to pick up a ton of great tips and be inspired while you’re at it Use the audio player below to navigate through the episodes.   Listen to “Founders Time” on Spreaker.
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