AMOR Umbrella will steal your heart come rain or shine.

Our Story

AMOR Umbrella, a veteran-owned social enterprise, is committed to making a positive impact. From day one, we have dedicated 10% of our profits to supporting veteran organizations and initiatives. Additionally, we have created part-time and full-time jobs for veterans through our company and manufacturing partners.

At AMOR Umbrella, we uphold the values of unity, camaraderie, understanding, and empowerment.

Our Mission

AMOR Umbrella supports military families by giving hope through stories, products, and moments. 

At the core of our mission is spreading a little bit of AMOR Magic and bringing a smile to people’s faces, especially during these challenging times. We have seen countless examples of kindness and motivation being shared  all across the country, and we are proud to play a part in creating positive experiences.

Our mission is to empower veteran families by providing access to education, employment, and information that instills confidence in their abilities and potential. We believe that by empowering our veterans, we can strengthen our communities with their unique skills and leadership.

Our mission is to bridge communication and understanding between military and civilian populations, build trust with customers and the community, and become their reference point for quality, service, and sustainability. We aim to empower military families and prioritize integrity and honesty in all our endeavors.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the foremost global leader in transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, making unexpected special moments unforgettable. We are committed to providing exceptional service that surpasses expectations, empowering individuals to create lifelong memories.

Our Purpose

Our overarching umbrella company focus on our military families. It was founded to provide HOPE, because when we lose Hope we end up with 22 Service Members dying Every Day.

Our Name:

The Amor umbrella Logo has a few meanings and symbolism in it:

The first is the word umbrella originates from the Latin term ‘umbra’, which means taking shelter from the elements.

The umbrella as a shelter stands for unity. Those who are experiencing hardship are brought in under the umbrella to shelter them from the storm and gives them HOPE.

The second is the heart shape is the universal symbol for love and it represents the strong bond we developed while serving and that it extends beyond well after serving.

The third one is the word Spanish word AMOR (LOVE) that means universal love for all the people and things that we love. It also celebrates the diversity makeup of our company and our military forces as one of our biggest assets. Because when diverse people unite in a common Mission it results in a powerful and more effective force that become agents of change.

The last one is that when you unite the words, the symbols and the meanings of both AMOR + umbrella, it stand for Hope.

Just any umbrella means shelter from rain, but when you combine shelter in a red heart shape you also bring smiles, love and hope to your surrounding, environment, world and universe. AMOR is about celebrating our diversity and finding ways to love the moments, to stay present and keep on finding HOPE.

Our Veteran Initiatives

What started as an entrepreneurial class project, it became a mission that lead to several initiatives like the One Year+ quest to represent, the often overlooked, cultural diversity and rich heritage of 2M+ Veteran Women in the US. 

Help us make it a movement and create awareness about the challenges of transitioning into civilian lives.

We are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of veterans in the U.S with AMOR umbrella. 



How do We Help?

The Veteran Outreach approach.

 We found that misinformation of available resources was and still is an issue for active military and veterans alike, so often in the dark of where to go for that much needed help.

We help correct the gap by launching a Veteran Focus TV show named Umbrella of Hope TV (UHTV) that highlight those organizations and individuals that provide those resources and by personally curating the content and the accuracy of the information and resources shared. 

The Entrepreneurial Education Outreach Approach.

We are dedicated to elevate and support veterans in their own entrepreneurial journey in order to create new beginnings, find new purpose and create a path to personal empowerment, while assisting them into growing and sustaining successful businesses through quality networking events, educational entrepreneurial programs, products and services. We know the ripple effect that empowering our veterans can have to strengthen our communities and companies. We know that veterans are highly skilled technical professionals, problem solvers, resilient, and proven leaders who can be tremendous assets to our society.

Our Initiatives Outreach Approach.

We also spearhead and organize several initiatives in order to raise awareness about veteran issues and to bridge the civilian and veteran communication.

The Advocate Apparel & Accessories Outreach Approach.

Our sustainable fashion apparel, and accessories could spark conversation, create inclusion and be a canvas on which we tell people’s stories, and that every time you wear it, or use it you’ll be a walking, talking advocate for the cause it represents.

Our own unique and charming, heart-shaped umbrella, a conversational piece that is available in selected shades of red, pink and white, remind your family and friends that love is always present with them to provide shade, rest, & protection. We offer a full line of merchandise and services to the U.S. Veteran and Military specialty apparel and clothing accessories market. 

AMOR Umbrella Apparel & Accessories selection has the distinct mission to put the finishing touches on the special life moments of our customers by reminding them that, in rain or shine, our umbrella is there to make them smile and think of their loved ones.

Through our products, social media, email, blog and public speaking opportunities, we work to educate others about the value that veterans provide. We are committed to strengthening civilian-military understanding.

We aim to inform you about the available resources for the military and veteran community.

Our books and video courses would guide you thru the process of launching your business and thru our retail products that help you create experiences and to spark the joy that helps us keep going and maintain hope alive.

We aim to inform, inspire and educate entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship.

Our coaching program is where we walk next to you and provide the accountability and community that would support you and help you thrive.

The over arching umbrella is focused on our military families 

Understanding that assistance can take many forms.

Our key areas of focus are:

• Entrepreneurship (Lifestyle, Support, Education)

Education (Lifestyle, Support, Education)

Family Core (Functionality/Stability/Re-engagement)

Experiential (Lifestyle/Activities/Socialization)

What We Believe

We Believe in the Family Approach.
We Believe in supporting all Veterans, Military Spouses, Parents and Children.
We Believe in Working together as “One-Unit” and Supporting each other as “One Family”

We Believe in serving the military community everywhere



AMOR Umbrella represents MUCH more than just providing stylish apparel and accessories….it symbolizes unity, camaraderie, understanding, relation, and empowerment. Although “AMOR Umbrella” is just 1 entity, it is an entity that willingly unites with MANY others whose professional missions are ones of understanding the current needs, have the willingness to provide solution focused results, and are also voluntarily enlisting their services to empower one-another in continued growth and prosperity.

AMOR Umbrella symbolizes the “WANT” to help women find the self confidence and esteem that has been chipped away over time. It will ultimately be the symbol that helps bridge their real-self, gifts, natural talents, and most importantly, it will also provide smiles.

Just any umbrella means shelter from rain, but when you combine shelter in a red heart shape you also bring smiles, love and hope to your surrounding, environment, world and universe. AMOR is about celebrating our diversity and finding ways to love the moments.

AMOR Umbrella represents transforming an ordinary product into something extraordinary by helping you capture the perfect experience into a treasured memory. It will not be forgotten!!!

It is more than a practical object that can just shield you from rain and sun, it is something that also compliments outfits and it is definitely not a throw away object. Think of amor umbrella as simply constant companion that can make a special unexpected moment unforgettable.

The above video was made in collaboration with a military spouse and features a military kid, and a military kid video editing skills, because:

The umbrella as a shelter stands for unity. Those who are experiencing hardship are brought in under the umbrella to shelter them from the storm and gives hope. The heart shape represents the strong bond we developed while serving and extends beyond well after serving.


AMOR Umbrella is a company that initially started as a class project but quickly become a life changing endeavor. It lit the fire of entrepreneurship and sparked a journey of creativity, problem solving, personal empowerment and constant innovation.


picture by Richard Sarabia, DBA

“Entrepreneurship was a way to find my identity after transitioning from the military and building a brand out a heart shaped bright red umbrella.This was the starting point for me because it captured my imagination. I was able to combine my military skills, my education, experience, and innovation with my dreams of traveling and create memories of the places visited while serving.”- said Niurka, AMOR Umbrella Founder


AMOR Umbrella, is a Certified Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) & a Woman Owned, Social Impact Brand that is Veteran Owned and Operated, that employs Veterans and their Family members and who believe in providing top quality value and satisfaction to our clients.

AMOR Umbrella is an enterprise that under it’s umbrella has 3 units that focus on encouraging positive change and solutions that, as a newly separated veteran I faced.

Company Information

AMOR Umbrella is a DBA of Ventures C & A LLC

Certified by: VA, SBA, DoD, and the State of Florida

Registered with:  the SAM system


Monday – Sunday: 7am – 5pm EST


*Emergency/After Hours Service Available

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I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

– Mother Teresa


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