Our Veteran Partners



AMOR umbrella is proud to support other small businesses that have one thing in common.

In business like in our personal life it takes a village. That is why is so important to build a community that we can rely on. It takes more than one person, more than one talent to get anything done. Everyone has a role that can shift because we are not stuck in a box, we are all allowed to growth

“The Entrepreneur Journey”, is a journey that we (The AMOR umbrella family and me her Founder Niurka Castaneda” are very passionate about.

Every entrepreneur that we know are talented in their own way, they might do similar products or services but they all add that sauce that is their personal brand.

No only that, they are resilient, they are creative and they are part of our military family, veteran owned business, military spouses, active duty and other businesses that support our customers and the veteran community.

We are happy to collaborate with them in order to better serve our customers. That is why we are happy to bring them under the umbrella of AMOR umbrella family.

Mamasaurus Design

Combat Boxes

Miller Thyme Designs

AMOR Umbrella