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Niurka Castaneda, the founder of Amor Umbrella is a Mom, a Veteran of the US Army, a writer, a voracious reader, an enthusiastic traveler, a student, an entrepreneur and a logistician.

"The journey doesn’t end when you graduate"

Amor Umbrella actually started as a class project, inspired by a love for unique umbrellas and by a desire to provide an impactful solution to the damage caused to our environment due to the sheer amount of broken umbrellas that ends everyday into the landfills.. 


Amor Umbrella Founder: Niurka Castaneda 

Picture by: Luke Joseph Gaffney 

“A new way forward”

Her new entrepreneurial journey was ignited by the entrepreneurial workshop V-WISE, hosted and run by IVMF.

It was empowered by a Global Supply Chain Class taught by her college professor/mentor Richard Sarabia, DBA and the initial contribution of Classmate Paula Pereira da Silva

Picture by: Richard Sarabia, DBA

 Armed by the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) also hosted and run by IVMF.

Picture by: Luke Joseph Gaffney 

"Who we are"

Amor Umbrella, a DBA of Ventures C & A LLC is a Certified Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
& and a Woman Owned, Social Impact Clothing Apparel and Accessories Fashion Brand that is Veteran Owned and Operated, that employs Veterans and their Family members.
"Our Purpose"

Amor Umbrella wants to provide  to our current and future customers, young women, 15 - 100 years,  their partners, our business partners and to our community a fun and elegant variety line of products, that will bring a smile to their faces. They are stylish, unique and are a sustainable alternative to current products in the market. 

"Our Sustainable Purpose"

Did you know that there are enough umbrellas in the landfills to fill 45 Eiffel TowerAmor Umbrella wants to change this by bringing awareness of this issue to our current and future customers. 

Our solution: Our charming Heart Shape Umbrellas are not only a functional alternative solution that would fit our customer personality, but they can be customize thus not so easy to throw away. It will make our customers look like the Stars they are, and it will compliment any outfits.  


Picture by: Richard Sarabia, DBA & Jainelly Gainan 


"Our Products"

Amor The Heart Umbrella are a Chic and Elegant alternative that will help YOU stand out in a crowd of black trench coats.

They will protect YOU from the Sun and the Rain they would add a little Romance to a Rain Shower.

YOU will be proud to wear our Fashionable Umbrellas and most importantly they would make YOU look like the Star YOU are. 

They will be YOUR perfect companion to advocate a for all Social Causes that are close to Your Heart. 


"Our Impact"

Better to Give: You Shop, We Give

We plan in donating 2% of our annual gross sales to deserving Veterans and other Social Causes Charities Organizations that Align with our Mission of Sustainability, Recycling / UP-Cycling, and of Bridging the Military - Civilian Divide.

Mission and Values

Our Story Success

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Our Partners 

The incredible photos displayed above were done by our incredible team of photographers and friends : Richard Sarabia, DBA, Jainelly Gainan  & Luke Joseph Gaffney

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