To make an impact in every household, and become the world leader in providing smiles, love, hope and an inspirational pathway to self-empowerment.


Be the global leader that helps you transforms an ordinary product into something extraordinary and that makes a special unexpected moment unforgettable


To empower our military families and veteran community by providing employment, hope, education and opportunities. To strengthen military and civilian understanding.  To build a trusting relations with our customers, our associates & our community. To become their reference point for quality, service and sustainability. To put the finishing touches on our customers life’s special moments.
We understand that our success is dependent upon our customers’ success. 
Integrity and Honesty are at the HEART of our Company.
We empower veteran employment at every stage of our business, including the design process, manufacturing, fulfillment, sales, and even lookbook modeling. Since 2018, AMOR umbrella has helped support other military families and veteran jobs through positions on our own team, with our contract manufacturing partners (which are veteran owned or partially staffed by veterans), through our veteran owned fulfillment center, and via our Brand Champion program.
We reduce our waste and minimize our carbon footprint by incorporating thousands of pounds of repurposed surplus materials in our product line, manufacturing in the United States, and using recycled materials in our packaging. 
AMOR umbrella is committed to strengthening civilian-military understanding. Our team knows that veterans are highly skilled technical professionals, problem solvers, and proven leaders who are empowering assets to civilian communities and companies. Through our products, social media, email, blog and public speaking opportunities, we work to educate others about the value that veterans provide to our society.


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