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 Our Military and all of their family members made plenty of sacrifices while in service before returning to civilian life to become an integral part of our society that owns nearly 2.5M businesses in the United States, employ more than 5M people and generate more than $1T in sales and receipts annually. As a small thanks for their service we have compiled a list of organizations and initiatives resources that are dedicated to helping the whole military family.  We will continuously expand this glossary of valuable tools and organizations, so if you have recommendations for organizations, online communities, or tools that we should include, we welcome your ideas here
4 Paws 4 Patriots trains medical/psychiatric service dogs to change the lives of disabled veterans, first responders and their families. To learn more about, visit: 4 Paws 4 Patriots

A Cause to Give Us Paws (Houston, TX)

Alpha Bravo Canine: provide trained service dogs to U.S military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other combat related disabilities.
Alpha K9 donates time, equipment and training in order to provide PTSD service dogs to veterans, first responders and children in a hope that a PTSD service dog will provide the recipient with an opportunity to live a more normal life and alleviate the stressors that are preventing them from entering society.
American Humane Association: Given the increasing number of veterans returning from long deployments—often serving multiple consecutive tours as never seen before in the U.S. military—and many requiring mental health services, rates of mental health care use have steadily increased, taxing the health care system at large and creating a need for additional support sources. American Humane Association can meet this need through the Service Dogs for Veterans program, which assists veterans in adopting and training a shelter dog as a service dog.
America’s VetDogs® – The Veteran's K-9 Corps® is a not-for-profit organization founded by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and serves the needs of disabled veterans and active duty personnel. Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation has provided guide dogs and training at no cost to people who are blind or visually impaired, including veterans.
Assistance Service Dog Educational Center: ASDEC iWoodlake, CA is helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The need for service dogs to aid war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder is critical. This disorder affects about 5.2 million Americans or about 30% of war veterans. Currently the Veteran's Administration will not pay to supply the veterans with service dogs. To fill this need, ASDEC provides dogs for veterans at no or low cost.
A Veteran's Best Friend in Arkansas: A Christian ministry providing service dog training for injured Arkansas veterans at no cost for the veteran.
Awesome Greyhound Adoptions Hounds and Heroes Program in Southeast Florida greyhounds (and their prospective owners) are given intensive training to seamlessly work together. The fully trained service dogs are then DONATED to their selected veterans. Hounds and Heroes service dogs are trained for Mobility Assistance, MS, Parkinson's, PTSD, TBI, and other issues that affect the returning warrior. 
Blue Star Service Dogs rescues shelter dogs, trains them, pairs them with combat veterans diagnosed with invisible wounds, and continues their training together to be service dogs. they support veterans, their families, and service dogs to achieve the transition from military to civilian life.
Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training, Inc. in Leesville, LA is focused on providing high-quality trained service dogs to qualified active duty military members, military veterans, first responders, and their special-needs dependents. We do work with civilians on a case to case basis due to available trainers.
Canine Angels in Myrtle Beach,  South Carolina and surrounding areas, from Georgetown to Wilmington, North Carolina Our mission is to save dogs from our local shelters, obedience train and place them in foster homes for socialization and advanced training, and to certify them as working service dogs
Canine Connection enlists recovering Warriors in a therapeutic mission of learning to train service dogs for their fellow Veterans. To learn more about, visit: 
Canine Battle Buddies for Wounded Warriors in El Paso, TX and Shreveport, LA
Companions for Heroes (C4H) provides companion animals obtained from shelters and/or rescues, who might otherwise be euthanized, free of charge to active duty military personnel, military veterans, and first-responders recovering from the psychological challenges they suffered during service to our country. To learn more about, visit: Companions for Heroes
Healing4Heroes mission is to connect wounded service members, as well as those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, with A.D.A compliant service dogs. To learn more about, visit: Healing4Heroes
K9 Partners for Patriots mission is to give veterans and active military a second chance at life by honoring and empowering those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Military Sexual Trauma through the experience of training and caring for their own service dog. To learn more about, visit: K9 Partners for Patriots
Operation Battle Buddies enlists professional service dog trainers to provide the training and testing of the dog and veteran together. To learn more about, visit: Operation Battle Buddies
Operation Delta Dog is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to rescue homeless dogs and train them to be service dogs for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and related challenges. To learn more about, visit: Operation Delta Dog  
Patriot Paws mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. To learn more about, visit: Patriot Paws
Pets for Patriots helps veterans afford the adoption of overlooked sheltered animals: adult, special needs, and long-term homeless pets, and large breed dogs. To learn more about, visit:   Pets for Patriots
Pets for Vets® is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans and providing a second chance to shelter dogs by rescuing, training, and matching them with American veterans who could benefit from a companion animal. To learn more about, visit: Pets for Vets® 
Puppy Jake Foundation is dedicated to helping military veterans through the assistance of well bred, socialized and professionally trained service dogs. We are proud to select, train and place only the best-performing dogs with these deserving men and women. To learn more about, visit: Puppy Jake Foundation
Semper K9 rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to be service dogs at no cost for disabled service members. Semper K9 recently purchased 33 acres adjacent to Marine Corps Base where they plan to build a retreat-style facility for out of area veterans and their families to come and train with their service dogs. Semper K9
Working Dogs for Vets-No Veteran Left Behind Program allows disabled heroes who are able to help train their own service dog. They are matched with a dog from a local shelter or if they own a dog, after an evaluation, they might be able to train their own dog.  Working Dogs for Vets
How to Take Care of your Service Dog
How to Train a Service Dog by

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Federal Government Definition of what is a service animal
Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business
FAQ's Concerning Air Travel of People with Disabilities Under the Amended Air Carrier Access Act Regulation
Guide Dogs and Service Dogs on Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Property
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Did you know that the first therapy dog on record was a four pound Yorkie named Smoky? You can learn more by reading "Yorkie Doodle Dandy: A Memoir" by William A Wynne. 

Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one? 

Did you know that VA offers same day services in Primary Care and Mental Health at 172 VA Medical Centers across the country? Make the Connection Resource Locator

Contact the Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255 and press 1, Chat, or Text 838255.)

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