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Since Amor Umbrella was founded early in 2018, our team has worked hard to achieve positive and measurable impact while fulfilling our mission to Reduce Waste,  build up civil-military understanding, and empower Veteran employment. 

Amor Umbrella is committed to our Quadruple Bottom Line, which consists of Social impact, Environmental impact, Purpose, and Donating 2% of gross annual sale revenue, to Veterans Social Causes and Nonprofit Charity Organizations.

We support Social Impact by supporting veteran employment at every stage of our business. This includes the design process, fulfillment and sales.

Since the beginning in 2018, Amor Umbrella has committed to help support veteran jobs through our own company and present and future partners. 

These include present and future positions within our own management team, through our own veteran owned fulfillment center, and through our Brand Promoter program. 

Amor Umbrella encourages any job-seeking veteran to send his or her resume and cover letter to so we can try to help secure an employment opportunity either internally or within our expanding supply chain.

Another key part of the Amor Umbrella Mission and Environmental impact by proudly making great efforts to meet local and global environmental challenges by helping Reduce waste and Minimize our carbon footprint on the world.

Did you know that about 33 million umbrellas are sold every year in the United States alone? Those are 33 million umbrellas that end up in the trash every year. Enough to fill out 45 Eiffel Towers.

Our Dual Purpose is to start by spreading Awareness and finding new ways to be creative and innovative to incorporate repurposed Umbrellas and/ or Military Surplus Materials into our own designs, to make fashionable, rugged and practical designs clothing and accessories and make Household and garden decor that are chic and eco-conscious that can be used indoors/outdoors. That way we will be able to significantly reduce our brand environmental impact. Additionally, we also use Recycled Materials in our packaging! 

Amor Umbrella products are fashionable year round, limiting the need to purchase multiple items!

We encourage every person to REDUCE the waste they make, REUSE items instead of repurchasing what they don't need, and RECYCLE as much as possible. In addition, be creative and REPURPOSE what you have to minimize our carbon footprint on the world. BE GREEN.

Amor Umbrella is also committed to build up civil and military understanding. Our team, as family members of Veterans and our founder as a Veteran herself, knows that Veterans are Highly Skilled Technical Professionals, Problem Solvers, and Proven Leaders who are empowering assets to civilian communities and companies. 

Through our social media, email, blog and public speaking opportunities, we will strive to educate others about the value that Veterans provide.

We are proud to Donate 2% of annual gross sales revenue to Veterans Social Causes and Nonprofit Charity Organizations that align with our mission. In addition to making financial contributions, the Amor Umbrella team members regularly donate their time to veteran-related service projects.

We love for our present and future customers to share the conversations they have when stopped and asked “Where did you get that umbrella?”.

Do you have an inspiring story to share about yourself or another veteran or leader you’d like to highlight in Amor Umbrellas Influencer of the Week? Email us at with your submission!


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