How To Find Paid Speaking Engagements


Many freelancers who want to build their speaking brand wonder what strategies high-profile
speakers use to book paid speaking gigs.

In this post, we will cover a few ways to improve your chances of finding paid speaking
engagements, and more importantly, how can you use these strategies to increase your
chances of getting invitations to speaking events as well.
Here are our top strategies:

1. Identify your brand and message:

A big part of building that brand is figuring out your message, your audience's problems, and
how you can help solve those problems. Once you know those things, it'll be easier for others to
see how hiring you will benefit their event.

2. Start with your network.

Who do you know? Do you have an email list of the people who would benefit from hearing you
speak? Reach out to them and ask if they know anyone who would be interested in having you
speak for them.

3. Get on the map

Connect with people who can help you get your name out there and make sure you  are known as
an expert in your field.

One way of doing this is to contact organizations that have hosted similar events in the past and
ask if they’re looking for speakers for future events. If they are, offer your services as an expert
and see if they’re willing to pay you!

4. Look for opportunities on social media.

There are several groups on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter where people post about speaking
events. You can use these groups to find opportunities and connect with people who can help
you get started.

5. Research your market and find where you fit in—and then go there!

Research your market and find where you fit in—and then go there! Take some time to see
what conferences are happening locally or nationally, and find out if there are any opportunities
for speakers like yourself at those events.

6. Be shameless about promoting yourself and your skills

If they know who you are when they call, they will know why they should book you! Make sure
everyone knows who you are, what kind of content or experience would be beneficial for their
audience, etc., before ever asking them if they'd consider having YOU speak at their event!

7. Know your value and be willing to negotiate

Make sure that you know what other speakers are charging for their work and try to be realistic
about what the market will bear so you don't price yourself out of business!

Final Thoughts

Speakers who know where to look for speaking gigs have a clear advantage over those who
scramble from event to event, looking for any chance they can get. So don't give up! By
following the strategies in this article, you are sure to find plenty of speaking opportunities in no
time. And even if one venue doesn’t work out, there are plenty of others out there who would
love to have someone like YOU speak at their event!

Kylie Robertson
About the Author:
Kylie, from Rock the Stage, Page & Screen, has been involved with public speaker training, TEDx Talk script development and writing, speaker sizzle reels, and more for the past 9 years. She wants to share her knowledge and expertise with others.


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