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Guest Sponsorship Options Available

Many of our guests choose to sponsor their episodes to increase their Reach and Impact.

Episode Sponsorship includes: 

  • Appearance on the Founders Time Podcast
  • Guaranteed no other advertisements on your episode
  • One Live read commercial (30 seconds) to be aired on an episode other than your own
  • Promotional links in that episodes show notes
  • Four social media posts across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and the Lead and Lift website
  • Two additional social media posts audio clips
  • Custom show art (including headshot) for your episode
  • Blog post to showcase your episode 
  • Link to your own Founders Time podcast episode to use for your promotions

Influencer Brand Promotion and Sponsorship

$297.00 USD

A Brief Introduction About The Founders Time Show:

…This podcast is about informing and educating entrepreneurs in order to motivate, inspire and help them growth their business. We firmly believe that “Entrepreneurs are the bedrock of our society” that drives the innovation and change that moves our society forward. The Entrepreneurial spirit is not something that you are taught, is a mindset that you must develop.It is armed with an infinite curiosity that is continually looking to question, innovate, improve and imagine the endless possibilities by actively seeking out change, and continuous improvement rather than waiting to adapt to change.
We respect Entrepreneurs because they are the ones that take the path less traveled. They are optimistic, always take calculated risks and execute.You have a story to tell, a journey to share. We want to build a platform where we can share your story that would inspire, and empower others to start walking a similar path. Please helps us build our inspiring collection of stories by sharing your entrepreneurship journey with us. We appreciate your willingness to be in the show.

We’d love to have you as a guest on the show to share your expertise on Entrepreneurship, all things business, your story, and  your brand!  Fill the form below and send us your details and let’s get you in the guest seat!

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Who's an Ideal Guest?

We are looking to interview entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and authors about the challenges of being an online entrepreneur and starting or growing their business in a low-pressure conversational interview. 



Fill in the interview questionnaire below and schedule your interview on the next page
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