Coaching - Private Session with Niurka Castaneda / 1 Hour


For a limited time, Founder of Niurka Castaneda, Niurka Castaneda is coaching 1:1 with limited spots and sessions available. Each session is 60 min long, in a one on one setting and includes personal advice, guidance and motivation to help you move forward from blocks, challenges and struggles.


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Niurka has personally helped hundreds of members find clarity, purpose, launch and grow businesses and change their mindset to one of wealth and abundance.

Private Coaching Accelerates Results

Want one on one help? There’s no need to try it alone when others know what it takes to succeed. I will guide you on:

  • Getting Started
  • Winning in a Hyper-competitive World
  • Why You Must Find Your Playground
  • Priorities When Everything Is Urgent
  • Protecting Your Idea
  • What Investors Must See to Invest
  • Why You Lose Without a Financial Plan
  • The Right (and Wrong) Digital Marketing
  • Avoiding Mistakes That Cost Time and Money
  • Managing 4 Ps – Passion, Pressure, Pleasure, Pain


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