Red Amor Umbrella


Would You Like A AMOR Umbrella That Is MORE Than Just A Practical Object?

This Product Will Help You Remember To Smile, Hope, And Enjoy Every Single Second Of Your Life!

It’s Time To Take A Step Back And Enjoy Life!



Red Umbrella / Pink Umbrella
Ergonomic Windproof, waterproof, playful, colorful, bright, stylish, fashionable, fun. they are a great gift, and a photography prop, that makes every moment, Travel spot and photo stand out. A beautiful soft grip matching foam handle with an aluminum shaft to ensure that they are as comfortable as they are lovely. Rainy days do not have to be boring anymore!
FREE Personalized Gift box included
  • Style: Heart Shape
  • Handle: Soft Grip , Easy to Carry
  • Frame: Lightweight Aluminum Shaft
  • 16 rib Fiberglass Construction
  • Wind-proof & Very Strong
  • Shell Material: Polyester
  • Handle Material: Foam
  • Features: Manual
  • Umbrella Span: 23 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 33.6 x 2.2 x 1.7 inches
  • Care & Cleaning: Air dry
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Print: Amor Umbrella logo
  • Designed: Miami, FL

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Would You Like A AMOR Umbrella That Is MORE Than Just A Practical Object?

Purchase a red AMOR umbrella and support one of our spotlighted monthly nonprofits.

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This Product Will Help You Remember To Smile, Hope, And Enjoy Every Single Second Of Your Life!

It’s Time To Take A Step Back And Enjoy Life!
Modern life is full of Stress, Constant Working, And Deadlines. 

Doing that day after day, without taking some time to look after yourself, can be extremely damaging. 

We’re Here To Change That!
Please take some time to imagine this:

You’ve taken some time off, it’s a sunny day, and you want to go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Of course, before going, you put on your cutest outfit and take your trusty umbrella with you!

The streets are quiet but active at the same time, and your Bright, Heart-Shaped Umbrella, combined with your cute outfit, just makes you Vibrant and Full Of Energy.

You decide to go to the beach and take some pictures, the breeze is soothing, and the lighting is perfect.

Whoever is photographing you compliments your umbrella, saying it’s extremely good for pictures (Yes, It Was Designed To Be!)

After taking some beautiful pictures you’re very happy with, you continue your day, happily strolling around the town and SIMPLY enjoying life.

That Sounds Good, Doesn’t It?
Well, it’s not that hard to achieve, all you need is a SYMBOL, something which you can take with you ANYWHERE, something that will constantly remind you of the important things in life.

And That’s Exactly What This Umbrella Will Do For You.
It doesn’t matter where you live, or what you do, an umbrella looks classy and good in every type of setting.

And it’s Vibrant colors, combined with its Soothing shape, makes it a PERFECT SYMBOL. 

Whenever you’ll look at it, or carry it around, you will remember to Smile, Hope, And Enjoy Every Single Second Of Life. Something that most of us don’t do often enough.

Who Is This Umbrella For?

We made it specifically for people that wanted something more from life than money or material things.

It was made to be Beautiful, Elegant, And Uplifting, it was made to complement every fiber of your being, and now, you can get it with just a few simple clicks.

We also spent a lot of time making sure that the handle is absolutely perfect. It’s made out of foam that is extremely comfortable and nice to the touch.

Even though we used very sturdy, high-quality materials, the umbrella is still very light, and you can carry it around an entire day without even feeling it!

Do You Want A Heart Shaped Umbrella That Will Always Remind You To Smile, Hope, And Enjoy Every Single Second Of Your Life?

Click The Following Link To Buy This Extremely Affordable Umbrella And Start Your Journey Towards Living A Healthier, Better, And Happier Life!


If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return the item(s) within 15 days of receiving the order.


*Monogrammed, personalized, special-order items, and items damaged through normal wear and tear are not eligible for return. There may be some difference in color due to lighting and screen settings..

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Weight 0.907185 lbs
Dimensions 91.44 × 122 × 122 in

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