Virtual Summit #BAI22

25-27 May

Speaker's Round Table

Queen Kimmie - Hidden Energetics To Redesign Your Life and Business

“Queen Kimmie” United States Army (Retired), Motivational Speaker and Mentor.
She is known for her heartfelt passion and no-nonsense “tell it like it is” approach in her teaching, speaking, coaching, writing, and just plain living. Her energetic, power packed lifestyle coaching and programs have changed and impacted hundreds of lives with real life transformation.

She serves the creative, service based visionary with a powerful message to share with the world to heal hardships of the past and find the mental resolve to reinvent your life. She strongly believes that once you take care of your own foundation and framework you can build the life and business you dream of with confidence and clarity.

As a retired army combat veteran she continues to serve others. A volunteer and peer to peer support specialist, at the Big Red Barn providing support, guidance, resources and services for fellow veterans and their families. She is also a member of the House of Hathor Community Book Club seeking to help us gain a better understanding of how we can impact our communities. A peer group leader for women veteran WOVEn Queen Kimmie also serves as a circle leader for the Transformational Speaking Circle consisting of over 600 members in and around the Columbia, South Carolina area.

Carola vom Hagen - The Psychology of Interior Color

Living in different countries, Carola was influenced and inspired from an early age by different cultures with its complex architectures and landscapes. Choosing Interior Architecture (SetDesign&Lighting Design) and a 4yr Seminar in Psychotherapy (Inner Child Work) was the perfect way to combine all of her experiences and to now help improve immediate environments for people with individual mental and emotional needs and goals. Wether it may be at home or in an office/medical space. Winning Life through the Psychology of Interior Color!

Rob Garcia-How to Make Your Art Famous With Business Visibility

Raised in a low income household, Rob Garcia failed out of high school and two colleges due to an undiagnosed learning disability. By 19, he was sleeping on the floor and couldnt afford meat.

At 45, he is a PhD, magazine owner, 8 time author and award winning business strategist.

Kurt Porter- Communication Barriers and Strategies to Overcome Them.

Kurt is a subject matter expert in the Continuous Improvement Process and Team Resource Management Principles. He obtained his cross-cultural communication expertise in the private sector, federal service, and the United States Navy. He is an outstanding oarator whose skills were honed by years of public speaking.  This includes the delivery of keynote speeches on a wide variety of topics before both small groups and large audiences.

Kurt has facilitated hundreds of workshops on Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork. He is a former diplomatic interpreter and a Defense Language Institute Instructor of the Year. He has visited over 80 countries and lived 30 years overseas (Japan, Germany, the Philippines, and Russia). He speaks Vietnamese and Russian. Kurt is the Founder and Executive Director of PLC (Performance & Leadership Coaching).

Nelia Hutt - How Art can Save the World

Nelia Hutt is a Canadian author, the host of a Top 20 Podcast called Giving Starts with You, Creator of the Ukulele Project and Founder and CEO of Travel Live Give – a philanthropic organization geared toward connecting the world through travel, music, and human kindness. She is a whimsical dreamer with a passion for music which she shares with her husband and teenage son.

She believes we should all work to create fulfilling and rewarding lives while being true to ourselves. She encourages others to seek inner peace and acceptance while discovering their unique footprint in the world through her guides, books, consulting and digital courses. She genuinely believes that a kinder world can help eradicate loneliness.

Daniel Faust - The Art of Perseverance

Daniel is a 21 yr AF veteran that helps others transform their lives from the bedroom to the boardroom. Currently he is podcast/tv show for Warhero2Superhero which is spinoff of his calling to help the military/veteran/first responder community thrive from the bedroom to the boardroom. Additionally he is Director of IT for Legrity Media, a digital TV platform that brings positive content to a global community. Daniel is married to a beautiful lady named Michelle for over 15 yrs and has 4 kids ready to enter the realm of teenager.

Sherri  Leopold - From Stuck to Unstoppable!

Sherri  Leopold is the Leader of the Stop Self- Bullying Movement,  Mentor, Author, Speaker, CEO of Dream Big with Sherri Leopold. Sherri has authored 9 books including 7 International Best Selling books. She loves working and collaborating with others.   She’s worked in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling industry for 24 years, sharing her expertise in speaking, mentoring, and team building. She has earned 26 incentive trips in those 25 years. Twenty of those trips have been earned in the past 8  years with her current company, Le-Vel, a leader in the health and wellness industry. She is a 200K  Leader and has developed a thriving community of leaders.  Sherri also hosts the television show Outside the Box with Sherri Leopold on Legrity Media TV.  She loves shining a light on other servant leaders who are making a difference in the world. She resides in Springfield IL, USA where she is passionate about encouraging others to live the life they deserve and create financial freedom.

Dr. Judy Butler - Your Beautiful Story: Life And Death As Healing Art

Dr. Judy Butler is a certified Pastoral Psychotherapist in private practice, who consults with, counsels, coaches and trains, Baby Boomers and Senior Adults to become “The Guardian” of their own personal legacy and the legacy of their family.

Dr. Judy’s passion for working with Senior Adults and Baby Boomers grew out of her own personal and professional experiences. After personally enduring the trauma, stress, and frustration of dealing with the healthcare/nursing home system she created The Guardians Gift in memory of her father, Harvey Hill who died 12/26/2018.

Richard Kaufman - Today I Decide

Richard Kaufman, is a veteran, an author, and the host of the Vertical Momentum Podcast.

“I have personally come back from drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, PTSD, TBI and blindness.Now I am by Gods grace a 2X Amazon Best Selling Author. I have spoken on stages across the world and virtual summits. My podcast is in the Top 1 percent in the world  because of my amazing guests.” – Richard Kaufman

Janice Benggio - Overcoming Hurdles to Reach Your Goals

 She has an MBA in healthcare management from Western Governors University and also the following professional certifications: PMP (Project Management Professional), CPMSM (Certified Professional Medical Staff Manager), CPCS (Certified Professional Credentialing Specialist), and CPHRM (Certified Professional Healthcare Risk Manager). Her career experience began in the law enforcement and legal field, moving to the judicial field, and then to the medical administration. She also has experience with entrepreneurship and counseling and have been a small business owner. She was in the U.S. Army Reserve and now operate a certified service-disabled veteran-owned, woman-owned small business, Benggio Consulting. She takes pride in doing a job well and know that it has been through the guidance of many mentors that have encouraged and coached her, helping her achieve her goals.

Keith McKeever- The Art of Time

I grew up in small town America.  Military service never really seemed like a thing he would actually do until he got his associates degree.  It was early 2006, and with no plans of working on a bachelors, he decided to enlist in the Air Force. He  ended up as Security Forces and during the time he served he had an amazing opportunity to live and work in places like Japan, Ecuador and Iraq.  Transition out was tough but he made it through and over the years since he have made helping fellow veterans one of my passions in life.  It started by helping veterans buy and sell homes, and helping send vets to Washington DC with our local honor flight hub, and has transformed into this podcast.  Over the past few years he has read the issues, problems, questions posed by his brothers and sisters in arms through various social groups.  One things is common, we all need help with something.  That could be PTSD, financial education, buying a home with a VA loan, help getting a service dog or just someone to listen.  This need for information has brought me to the idea of a podcast discussing these various topics and more, to help shine a light and be the battle buddy you need!

Natalie Alcantara - The Art of Story Branding

Natalie Alcantara is a strategist, advisor, and coach who inspires business leaders to be at their best. She has spent over 25 years propelling her clients to the forefront of their industries, both as an internal team leader at leading Multinational Companies and through her own consultancy firm ION Marketing Ltd.

Natalie has an unerring eye for energizing ideas that build brand resonance, fuel connection and drive generative outcomes. She is highly regarded for her intuitive approach, clarity, collaborative spirit, and strategic insight.

She is a Certified Guide in the groundbreaking XCHANGE Approach – A radically effective, scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams, organizations and learning communities, both at in-person events (retreats, conferences, summits & workshops),

as well as in the online environment. The XCHANGE Approach unlocks potential at speed and scale and enables any team or organization to connect and thrive.

Natalie is a true believer of purpose to profit, and inspires possibilities for businesses and professionals to align their identity with their evolution and serve greatly!

Gina Clark - Your Creative Power: Ways to bring it the Forefront

Gina Clark is an artist, surface pattern designer, and certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach who believes everyone can be creative, even the most logical people. She is the founder of Gina Clark Creative, an online community that provides creative resources and mentoring for people looking to ignite their creativity. Gina’s a magical blend of creative and strategic, organized and explorative, focused and curious and believes that embracing your creativity is the ultimate act of self-care. She lives in Kenora, Ontario, Canada with her husband, 3 teenage kids, 2 cats, and 1 wriggly mini-Australian Shepherd.

Teresa Cundiff - Are You Truly Preparing in Your Craft?

Teresa Cundiff is CEO of Wordy Nerds Media, Inc. which produces her digital streaming TV show Teresa Talks. Legrity.TV is the Executive Producer. The show tagline is “Inspiring Conversations with Authors: Published & Unpublished!” An unpublished author just means those authors who haven’t put their books on paper yet. The show provides a platform for authors to have a global reach with their message. It can be seen on Roku, AppleTV, GoogleTV, Amazon Fire and Smart TVs.

Teresa is also a Freelance Proofreader with the tagline, “I know where the commas go!” Teresa makes her clients’ work shine with her knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Teresa is a Five-Time #1 International Best-Selling contributing author of The Book I Read, 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success, 1 Habit to Thrive in a Post-COVID World, The Art of Connection: 365 Days of Networking Quotes & The Art of Connection: 365 Days of Inspirational Quotes with the latter two being placed in the Library of Congress.

Teresa is also a Five-Time #1 Best-Selling author as one of 33 authors in The 13 Steps to Riches Series published through Habitude Warriors where each book is based on one of the 13 Principles of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Thomesa Lydon - Keeping it FUN till you're Done

An International Best Selling co-author of 1 Habit For Entrepreneurial $uccess, ‘SMART-LIVING for Seniors; How to Make the Best of the Rest’, is a Concierge REALTOR® with RE/MAX Excalibur, CEO of Lydon Senior Pathways, and an award winning speaker on Senior Real Estate, Relocation, and Re-Sizing at NASDAQ, Harvard Club of Boston, Carnegie Hall, Mercedes Benz, West Point and on ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX TV News & Talk Shows.

Lydon, a Real Estate Specialist for Seniors, a RE-SIZE Expert & Charitable Real Estate Philanthropic Specialist provides comprehensive one-stop relocation planning, move management, and real estate services for seniors (55+) in the process of SMART-sizing to enjoy the next ‘LIVING’ chapter of life.

Nefertiti San Miguel Art Day: The neuroscience behind the Art of Ikebana / Business Day: The fine art of wowing your audience

Nefertiti San Miguel is the embodiment of passion, a vivid advocate for the arts, neuroscience and mental health. She is also a mixed-media artist, Ikebanist, performer, speaker, entrepreneur, published author and trailblazer who has long been raising eyebrows in many different industries. With a reputation for rocking her eclectic style, Nefertiti is the founder of Etnia Fusion, a Boston based small enterprise dedicated to promoting and cultivating multiculturalism through educational programs, functional/wearable art and dance. In addition, she is the creator of the community project What Is Your Reality? and the program From Chaos To Calmness. She has been featured on radio and television programs, web series, YouTube Channels, newspapers and magazines across the nation, and in recent years has been garnering international attention through podcasts from New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Since 2021, Nefertiti has been sharing her talents with AmorUmbrella, a Veterans Organization serving military women transitioning into civilian life and entrepreneurship. As of 2022, she is in the pursuit of new endeavors, including: teaching her method of art installations NM3 (Narrative Multi-Sensory Mixed Media Art) as therapeutic activity for stress management and 3D Vision Board for life achievers. When time permits, she loves to unplug from big city living, explore the world and get naturally high on extreme sports.

Donald Dodson -Creativity and Inspiration as an Artist

Donald Dodson is the owner of Dodson Designs where he crafts fine handmade leather goods with a creative flair. A life-long artisan who loves sharing his interests with others, he has explored many arts including jewelry, printmaking, pottery, woodworking, and painting, all of which he uses in his current work. He is most passionate about creating something that is not only artistic, interesting, and creative; but something that has an inherent practical use to the client. 

Donald has been a graphic artist, web designer, and high school history teacher. Donald is a combat veteran and served for 20 years. He started Dodson Designs in 2016 and never looked back.
He lives near Lancaster, PA with his wife, two dogs, and a cat that adopted them.

Amy Lemire - The Sales Confidence Code

Amy Lemire is in the business of creating breakthroughs in sales, confidence, personal power and revenue growth. Amy is the President and CEO of AIM Training and Consulting, Inc. Her success secret sauce is “the Sales Confidence Code: A.I.M. (Attract-Influence-Maximize Momentum).” She is the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller “From Zero to Sales Hero,” and “From Zero to Speaker Hero.” Amy began her journey as a Sales Strategist, Trainer, and Speaker over 27 years ago. A near death experience inspired her to make ‘determination’ her middle name, and step up and serve others and inspire confidence. Amy was a top sales performer in the medical device industry and advanced to sales training and has trained hundreds of business leaders and sales professionals on selling and presentation skills. She is a Habitfinder Coach certified through the Og Mandino Leadership Institute. Amy is a Senior Leader with RRI/Tony Robbins. Amy is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a Member of the National Speakers Association, and NSA St Louis Chapter President-elect 2022. She is a member of the Missouri State University Women in Leadership Advisory Board. Although she is a pescatarian, she sneaks in a piece of bacon on occasion!

Shevah Pinkus M.S.Ed - The Art of Trust in Online Gatherings

Shevah has designed a life that allows her the opportunity to serve others as a momentum and mindfulness coach and an online group gatherings guide.

She helps coaches increase their revenue and results with more engaging and effective Live Online Gatherings so that their clients will stay, play and pay for years to come.

Shevah has over 30 years of experience in creating, leading, facilitating and engaging productive and collaborative communities in educational, non profit, religious, cultural, medical, civic and professional settings.

Her advanced degree in Educational Administration, Community Leadership and Instructional Design have informed Shevah’s impact and success.

A Client comment: “she always has a way of creating inviting opportunities for me to feel seen and that I truly belong in a place where I am so valued”
Another says: “I can’t believe none of us have ever met in person and yet I feel like I’ve found my family, due to the way Shevah designs the community.”

Lesley Klein - Raise Your Vibe and Thrive!

Lesley Klein has been an entrepreneur for over 27 years. Currently, she is the host/producer of Good Vibes TV and is a Co-Founder of Legrity Media. She has a Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Towson State University and a BS in Broadcast Production from the University of Florida.

Ms. Klein is also a contributing author in three International Best Selling books: “1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success” (published 2020) and “1 Habit for Thriving in a Post-Covid World” (published 2021) and “Wellness for Winners” (published 2022).

She founded and operated an award-winning metaphysical bookstore in Florida where she was immersed in the world of crystal vibrations and energy for 16 years. She also founded and operated a new age cafe for 9 years. Another key to her success is her own personal spiritual journey which led her to become a Reiki Master, an aromatherapist and a meditator. Using these natural means, she learned how to raise her vibration and maintain wellness as well as create a life beyond her dreams!

Her mission is to raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. What she loves most about what she does is seeing her human and animal families thrive because of the information and the tools that she shares.

When she is not producing her talk show, she is hiking the forest on the mountain where she lives part-time, traveling with her husband, Rick, of 28 years in their motorhome… or earthing herself in her Peace Garden with her two rescued fur babies, Penny and Murph!

Andy Nelson - Understanding the Value of Intellectual Property

Andy Nelson helps clients with business, commercial, and intellectual property matters. His practice emphasizes the development of effective strategies for trademark and copyright protection, enforcement, licensing, and dispute resolution. Areas of focus also include contractual matters, competitive practices, and trade secret protection.

Over his career, Andy has represented clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. A veteran of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, he especially enjoys working with businesses owned by veterans, military spouses, and active duty service members.

Andy also serves on the Board of Trustees for Veterans Legal Institute, a non-profit focused on helping at-risk, homeless, and low-income veterans with essential legal needs.

Tiffany Hoeckelman - The Art and Science of Scaling Beyond Yourself

Starting in 2010 as a virtual assistant and freelance graphic designer, Tiffany witnessed business owners undermining their success with ugly graphic design. Driven to remedy this, Tiffany built Lone Orange, a branding agency, with a virtual team.

She soon recognized that solopreneurs were getting stuck trying to grow their businesses beyond themselves. Tiffany created the Scale Your Brand Method based on her foundational belief that EVERY business MUST have a confident brand identity AND scalable systems to grow. She also founded the Solo Collaborative Community – a vibrant, online support community for solopreneurs banding together to grow powerful businesses that impact the world!

Now as a Branding and Systems Coach and Consultant, Tiffany helps overwhelmed, mission-minded solopreneurs grow their businesses beyond themselves with fewer headaches and more profits!

Vanessa Matta - Being Yourself

I help people manifest faster through a pure divine purpose. I’m a celestial professor and connector to spiritual understanding.

James McNeil - The Secret Ingredient to Success

James is a veteran and the author of Finding Your Personal Mission, a book dedicated to empowering its reader to overcome suicidal thoughts and ideations.

Currently, James is the designer and lead trainer for the Authentically YOU program, providing tools to daily combat and overcome impostor syndrome.

James is from North Carolina and served in the US Army from 1999 to 2005 when he was medically discharged. After leaving the military, he struggled for some time until he returned to college in 2008 and again in 2018, this time earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Leadership.

Brian Gibson - Giving Hope

Brian Gibson resides in Paducah, Kentucky with his wife, Helene. They have 2 children: Steven (US Army Retired) and Katelyn. He continues to serve by forming Project Diehard to fight the war on veteran suicide and to assist his brothers and sisters in getting the help they need.

Jeffrey Hall

Jeffrey Hall is a navy veteran that Led some major projects for the VA and State Dept. and brought the company’s revenue in this market from $100k to $1.8 million in my first nine months on the job. There was no formal training – only a desk, a phone, a PC and a file cabinet with prior federal customers and their contact information. He is the co-owner of Safety Net Solutions

Pamela Black -Live Well 2022

Pamela Black is the Founder and CEO of The Positive PURGE People Corporation. She is in the business of sharing positive faith, hope and love with people and connecting people who hurt with people who heal holistically. The Positive PURGE People are teams of holistic wellness practitioners helping to encourage clients who are journeying through trauma, pain, grief, and other stuck places to positively persevere until reaching goals with excellence (PURGE).