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Umbrellas of Hope TV,  is on a mission of Giving & Restoring HOPE One Story at a Time by highlighting organizations and individuals contributing to our military and veteran community with a WARM HEART and a HELPING HAND instead of just a verbal thank you for your service.

We are committed to enriching the lives of members of the military – veteran community by connecting them to the resources that they need.  

We are advocates for professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, and facilitate conversations of Hope, Empowerment and Creativity to reduce military-civilian transition difficulties and to help veterans and their families reintegrate into civilian life and THRIVE.

We invite you to be a part of this journey in service of the entire 15 million+ members of the US military community as we, together, bring a positive change and message of new beginnings, opportunities and success.

Get full access and immerse yourself in this veteran focus show, made for veterans by a veteran. Available to watch on all streaming devices.

The Art of Business

Explore episodes about veterans entrepreneurs that are making a difference

Finding a New Purpose after Military Service with Entrepreneurship

Explore episodes about veterans entrepreneurs that are making a difference

The Veteran Empowerment Group features Steven Eugene Kuhn & Lane Belone

Have you heard the story of HOW and WHY The Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment Movement was born? 🧐

 Meet Steven Khun and Steven Lane, a former seal. They are the co-founders of The Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment Movement.

Film Location: Peru

 features Frank Manteau & Cassandra Gordon,

Have you ever been stuck on a label, a word, a joke that chips away at YOU?

Have you ever eaten a crayon 

Have you heard the story of HOW and WHY crayons ready to eat was born? 

You don’t want to miss this episode “Crayons Ready to Eat” coming soon to by Amor umbrella ❤️where you can meet Cassandra Gordon in her first-ever interview and Frank Manteau, a former marine. They are the cofounders of Crayons Ready to Eat (CRE).

Film Location: San Diego

“I like to use my visibility and audience to help other people grow

is the cornerstone of my brand and what I do”

– Dr. Robert Garcia, The Warrior Strategist

Film Location: San Diego

Finding a Solution to Veteran Housing issues

“Could we end veteran homelessness?”
featuring Lee Roberts, and the Reveille Veteran Foundation

A powerful story where we will address veteran homelessness, potential solutions and veteran suicide prevention by highlighting what Lee Roberts and his foundation Reveille Bridge Veterans Foundation does.  

Film Location: Oklahoma City Memorial Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Is the clutter in your home causing havoc between you and those closest to you?
Do you know how to recognize signs of hoarding?
Do you know how to deal with it?
What is the turning point from just clutter to hoarding?
What can you do to help those affected by it? Meet Tammi Moses the founder of The Hoarding solution and Homes are for living where she shares her insight, experiences and expertise as a hoarding solution provider to give you the solutions you need to make YOUR Home a HOME Made for Living!!!

“It is important to look at experiences…
Can you have an experience instead of just buying a thing?
Sometimes that is more valuable because of the time you spend with the people in your life” – Tammi Moses

Film Location:  Deception Pass state park, Washington state

Is recreational therapy the solution for hollistacally living?

A powerful story where we will address alternative recreational therapy by highlighting what Neal Stark and his foundation Fishing with America Finest does. 

“I was reading that we were losing 22 veterans at day, 22 Americans and I could not believe that number, I actually pick up my phone and add it up that was over 7000 Americans at year and nobody was talking about…” CPT Neal Stark

Film Location: The Everglades, FL

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