Join others who have stepped into the self creation stage of their personal and professional leadership and enrol in the powerful New Business Guide University Certificate Program.

The New Business Guide certificate course will teach you how to launch your new business idea. You will learn to unlock profound leadership, unshakable confidence, clarity of purpose, and the quality of life you dream of. It’s a natural power created by you when in alignment that supercharges your ability to take massive charge in business and life, so you can make your ideas happen. It’s the momentum you’ve been searching for. The leader you’ve always wanted to be idles right beneath the surface.



This certificate program is specifically for those seeking professional development personally or for their organization. This very course is now university curriculum for Masters and Bachelors degrees, therefore we are proud to serve students seeking massive impact with which they can facilitate real change and societal shifts.

Why Universities & Colleges?

Tomorrow’s leaders are growing and learning today. Start your business right from the beginning, grow and expand businesses throughout the world. Forbes Business & Technology in Partnership with Knowledge Innovation Center – The Knowledge Innovation Center(KIC) and the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) have formed a strategic alliance to deliver a variety of “continuing education” options ancillary to degree programs. Forbes Business & Technology is a partner and offers the New Business Launch Guide Certificate. Synergy Learning Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit vocational/technical college that offers certificates for professional development and continuing education. We also offer veteran skills to success courses for returning American soldiers who have served in our armed forces. Take the New Business Launch Guide Certificate now.
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