From PTSD to Living the American Dream


I am so thankful for each and every one of this month spotlights that allowed me to share my story , tell you about AMOR umbrella , a heart-centered organization dedicated to help veteran and military families to not only transition successfully into the civilian world but also start new businesses to improve their own economy, the quality of the communities where they live and it’s to inspire others to unleash their own creativity and launch their own entrepreneurial ideas.

So much as happened in such a short time. So many amazing people that have come into my life for one reason and another and they all took part in shaping this incredible and beautiful story, thanks to all of you.

I cannot wait for you to read & watch the one or all the presentations and let me know what you think.

I am thankful to my friend Nefertiti San Miguel that took the time out her busy day to help me make the story what it is, a masterpiece and that help me accomplish what was my intention to tell it in a way that is inspirational, & educational.

Because really, the story is not just about me, but about what our military women and men feel when they transition out the military and get a little lost with not Mission.

We are dedicated to elevate and support veterans in their own entrepreneurial journey in order to create new beginnings, find new purpose, while assisting them into growing and sustaining successful businesses through educational entrepreneurial programs, products and services. Because we know the ripple effect that empowering our veterans can have to strengthen our communities and companies. Because we know that veterans are highly skilled technical professionals, problem solvers, resilient, and proven leaders who can be tremendous assets to our society.

I am thankful to all those that were part of the AMOR umbrella Gift Initiative journey that I embarked almost 2 years ago, in my efforts to bridge the gap between the military community and the civilian world. the story, the journey that just began… because we are not done telling it.

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listen & watch to theBattle Buddy Podcast

watch the replay of Woman of Worth 2022 Summit event

watch the replay of the World of Positivity event in the Megaverse

the best part, this is just the beginning, we are not done sharing our story

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