Sunday Social for Creative Startups – Ikebana Workshop


Grab a friend, roommate, and come enjoy a Sunday where you can be creative with a purpose.

Each month, create, listen or watch different creative activities designed to spark the artist in you. Each workshop encourages you to step out of the mundane and explore your potential and escape from the daily stresses of life while remembering how beauty can be found in even the most simplest of form of art.

Guests are invited to bring their lunch, and a friend and come create a memorable piece of art.

Social entrepreneurship can sometimes be finding the balance between driving impact and ensuring that your business is sustainable.

Let’s change that together.

Ikebana Workshop

Subtle Serenity

Lady Plague


 Arts Arrangements & pictures© Nefertiti San Miguel

Bamboo, snake plant leaves, white orchids, dried fan palm, green foliage displayed in 2 copper tone cone shaped vases

Bamboo, red pin cushion proteas, curly willow, orchid leaves, banksia flower, air plant, pussy willow puffs and dried fan palm leaves arranged in a tall black ceramic vase


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